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Pirates News · Qualifying to Play a College Sport…Academics Must Come First

As a student-athlete, there are numbers that you should be aware of. Do not let the numbers discourage you; let them drive you. “Of the nearly 8 million students participating in high school athletics in the United States, only 480,000 will compete at NCAA schools”. (NCAA) Visit this NCAA website to view the probability of playing in college for your particular sport. Remember, this is not impossible! There are 28 Pirate graduates playing a sport at the college level this year !

There is a lot of competition for positions at the college level. The most important thing you can do to make yourself more competitive and more appealing to college coaches is to work hard in the classroom. They want student-athletes who have a great work ethic in the classroom and on the field or court. They depend on their players, so they want players who will continue to qualify academically to play.

Good grades are a requirement to even be considered for a college sport. You have to qualify through NCAA. Work closely with your coach and guidance counselors to make sure you take the correct classes. Also, do your research and keep your grades up. Study for the SAT and ACT! Ask your guidance counselor if there is a class coming up that you can take to help with the SAT and ACT. Visit this NCAA site to see the GPA and SAT or ACT requirements. It is best to do your best at all times in the classroom, because the lower your GPA, the higher your SAT or ACT score must be to qualify. This is called a sliding scale. The higher your GPA, the lower your SAT or ACT score requirement.

Click here for a list of things you should do by grade level.

There are other requirements, such as proof of amateurism, which can also be found on the NCAA website.

Our feature photo is our Pirate graduate Josh Sheridan, who now represents the UNCP Braves on the football field. Josh ALWAYS kept his grades up, because he knew the importance of academics to his football career. He was always present during academic awards and was a member of the National Beta Club and National Honor Society.

Go Pirates !