Coed Varsity Wrestling · Pirate Wrestling Pin Chain

You won’t find more excitement and energy anywhere than on the sidelines of Pirate wrestling. The teammates are cheering each other on throughout each match, and when there is a win you can’t help but to get caught up in the excitement yourself. They get very loud and proud!

This season Pirate wrestling fans see a little something different. Pirate wrestlers are seen throughout a tournament wearing and passing around a fancy piece of jewelry they refer to as a “pin chain”. It is a large “L” hanging on a chain. Get a pin, wear the chain and then cheer on your teammates in hopes to pass it around as much as possible.

Come out Monday afternoon (January 15th) at 4 to see the Pirate wrestlers in action. It is senior/alumni night! The Pirates will host Jack Britt and Seventy-First.

Go Pirates!