Girls Varsity Sideline Cheer · Pirate Cheerleaders Earn Honors

Varsity Cheerleading Coaches who are current members of the NCCCA may nominate up to TWO JUNIORS from their cheer team for All Region. Congratulations to Pirate cheerleaders Yesenia Velazquez and Aaliyah Baxley for making all-region cheer. The girls had to fill out an application and submit video via dvd or thumb drive. Skills that must be included on the video are:

o Cheer – showcasing good motion placement and technique
o Jump series – two or more jumps connected, one jump being a toe-touch
o Dance – at least 4 8-counts
o Standing Tumbling – on gym floor with no mat (Jumps may be included to increase difficulty of
standing series)
o Running Tumbling – on gym floor with no mat

All-Region cheerleaders qualify to tryout for the All-State team in the spring.

Go Pirates!