Boys Varsity Wrestling, Coed Varsity Wrestling · Pirate Alumnus to Compete for Team USA

We wrote about 2006 Pirate graduate Michael Dudley in March of last year. Click here to view that article. He set a bench press record by lifting 524.7 pounds. Wow! Just a few months later he bench pressed 534 pounds. His accomplishments did not stop there.

He was selected to compete for Team USA in the 2019 International Powerlifting Federation’s World Open. The competition is held in Tokyo in May.

With all things in life you set out to accomplish, you have to have that “hunger”. Read more about Dudley’s road to success and what he told The Robesonian about being a Pirate (Click here to go to the article).

We can’t leave this out from our last article. ” Dudley is a Combat Medic in the United States Navy. He is an a HM2 (Hospital Corpsman) and works with the Marine Corps as their first line of medical treatment on deployment and operations.” Thanks for serving our country.

Go Pirates!