Varsity Football · Pirate Student-Athlete Alumni Spotlight

Our alumni spotlight articles are usually focused on a student-athlete who went on to play a sport in college and/or professionally. Mac McGill did move on to the next level, but his story is a little different. Like many high school graduates, his focus changed.

Mac was a football walk on at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke, but he decided on a different path. “I quit football after one semester because once I hit winter break, I just kind of thought to myself how much I was going to dread going back. Why would anyone want to do something they dread? I enjoyed the friendships and the exercise but it wasn’t worth risking my health or my body for something I wasn’t truly passionate about.”

Mac found something he was passionate about. “I found acting after taking an acting class for my art requirement. I did a show for extra credit and the new head of the department asked me to audition for his show. I told him I wasn’t an actor, and I was just doing that one show for extra credit. I did it anyway and got a leading role. He then told me I should keep doing it, and that they were offering scholarships to theatre majors. I signed up and double majored in exercise physiology and English: Theatre Arts. I received the scholarship and stayed on scholarship until I graduated. In that time I just truly fell in love with theatre; the acting, the collaboration of costume, lighting, scene design and just how it all comes together. I even love reading plays. I would rather read plays than books any day. Now I’m in grad school at UNCG studying acting further and getting a terminal degree (highest degree awarded in field).”

If you have been blessed with the opportunity to see Mac perform, you saw his passion and love for theatre in his performance. He definitely wows the audience!

We can’t wait to see what is next for Mac. It is always interesting to see the paths our graduates take. They learn so much from being a part of a team at LHS. It helps build confidence, character, good work ethics, and plays an important part in their future no matter what they pursue. Success comes in many different packages, including theatre arts.

If you are in Greensboro, check to see if Mac is performing. He would love to have you there! Go Pirates!


Theatre photo is from Hamlet during the “To be or not to be” speech.