Pirates News · Next SAT Date is August 24th…Summer Preparation Tips

When applying to college, you have to submit your ACT and or SAT scores. Just reading or hearing someone say SAT is so overwhelming to some students and parents. It doesn’t have to be. There are ways to prepare over the summer that only take a few minutes out of your day.

Also, understanding the scores alone can ease some of the frustration. The total SAT score can range from 400 – 1600. The individual sections (Reading and Writing is one section and Math is another section) are scored 200-800. You add up the scores from each section to determine your total score. For example, if your reading and writing score is 600 and your math score is 750, then your total score is 1350.

What do you I need to score in order to get into my college of choice? Each college has a MINIMUM score requirement but also has an AVERAGE score of students accepted. For example, the University of North Carolina System’s MINIMUM score requirement for admission is 880. DO NOT think you will be accepted to a UNC school because you scored at least an 880. There is COMPETITION for open spots each year at each college. For example, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill accepted 9,524 students out of 43,473 who applied. The SAT scores ranged from 1280-1470 (middle 50 percent). As you can see, that is a huge difference from the 880 score requirement.

Please click here to learn about the SAT.

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You can practice through Khan Academy for free. It will help you set a study schedule (usually 15 minutes per day) that will help prepare you for the next test date.

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Please visit your school counselor for more information on SAT preparation and scheduling your test date.

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