Multiple Teams · Pirate Athlete Selections for East-West Games 1950 – 2019

In honor of the East-West games this week, we decided to share a list of Pirates who have been selected through the years. This year, Pirate cheerleader Yesenia Velazquez is representing the Pirates on the sidelines of the East. She cheered last night for basketball and will be on the sidelines at the football game today.

Yesenia Velazquez Cheer 2019
Cameron Rae Williamson Cheer 2018 (1st Pirate cheerleader to cheer at East-West games)
London Thompson Basketball 2018
Jasmine McBride Basketball 2017
Jermaine Williams Football 2015
Demetri Sheridan Football 2014
Madison Britt Soccer 2014
Bradley Burnett Soccer 2014
Damilia Brooks Soccer 2011
Jermaine Kesler Jr.Football 2010
Jalaquon McNeill. Football 2010
Coach Kenny Simmons Soccer 2009
Kim Currie Soccer 2008
Coach Danny Graham Basketball 2005
Evan Musselwhite Soccer 2004
Justin Baker Basketball 2003
Yolanda Jones Basketball 2002
Billie McDowell Basketball 2002
Brad Herring Football 2002
Coach Ted Gaskins. Basketball 2001
Justin Strickland Soccer 2001
Tawander Whittington Basketball 1999
Mark Schmitz Basketball 1997
Mike Lowery Basketball 1996
Keyshorn Smith Football 1996
Eddie Lesane Football 1988
Michael Rising Football 1987
Jeff Fairley Football 1985
James Thompson Football 1984
Darryl Thomas Football 1979
Ruffin McNeill Football 1976
Reginald Townsend Football 1976
James McLean Basketball 1973
David Guy Football 1973
Chip Barnes Football 1970
Paul Willoughby Football 1969
Greg Simpson Football 1968
Sandy Faulk Football 1966
Doug McEwen Football 1966
Henry Byrd Basketball 1965
Billy Bryan Football 1965
Chip Stone Basketball 1964
H.L. Robinson Football 1963
Tommy Thompson Football 1963
Coach Alton Brooks Basketball 1960
Leonard Baxley Football 1960
Tyrone McDuffie Football 1960
Coach Dwight Holshouser Football 1952
Willie Rogers Football 1952
R.L. Stocks Football 1952
Carl Everleigh Football 1951
Raymond Welker Football 1950

Go Pirates!