Girls Junior Varsity Sideline Cheer, Girls Varsity Sideline Cheer · Pirate Alumna Lynsey (Johnson) Hoppes Named Head Cheerleading Coach at University of South Carolina Upstate

Congratulations to 2012 Pirate graduate Lynsey (Johnson) Hoppes on being named the Head Cheerleading Coach at University of South Carolina Upstate!

Lynsey was a part of the Pirate cheer team that brought home a 2011-2012 National cheer title (as well as other titles). She went on to cheer at East Carolina University and Clemson University.

Hoppes holds two bachelor degrees from Clemson University. She graduated with a degree in Biological Sciences in 2017 and then Nursing in 2019.

The following photo and headline is on the University of South Carolina Upstate cheerleading webpage welcoming Lynsey as the new head cheer coach.

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Way to go Lynsey! Best wishes on your new journey.

Pirate pride!

Excerpt taken from previous article on Lynsey:

“Lynsey dreamed of cheering for the Clemson University Tigers in Death Valley. She knew it would take dedication not only practicing and becoming the best she could physically, but also that grades would be a determining factor. Tryout requirements for Division I college cheerleading is intense, and the best from across the nation are competing for a spot. Standing tuck, standing full, jumps to tuck/full, standing 1 or 2 handsprings to tuck, layout, or full and the stunting takes a lot of strength and skill. Lynsey applied to Clemson and was so excited when she received her acceptance letter. She met all academic requirements, but in Lynsey’s words “It was not in God’s plan for me that year.” She was heartbroken when she did not make the team, but she did not give up. Lynsey had also been accepted to ECU and tried out for their cheer team. She made the All-Girl Collegiate Team, and cheered for the ECU Pirates her freshman year. ECU is a great school, but she still dreamed of cheering for Clemson where several of her family members graduated.

Lynsey applied to Clemson again in 2013 and again was accepted. She tried out and made the 2013-2014 Clemson Coed Cheer team. She is now in her fourth year cheering on the Clemson Tigers.

There have been many obstacles along the way for Lynsey. In the fall of her high school junior year, she had a broken nose. As in any sport, when you have to be out due to injury you are losing time building strength and skills. The summer before her senior year of high school, she had an ulnar shortening surgery because of intense wrist pain. She sprained her ankle the week of state competition and then broke her arm at the surgical site two weeks before nationals.

As a college cheerleader, Lynsey puts in long hours studying to ensure she keeps her grades up and practicing and performing. She has morning workouts twice a week at 6 am, practice 3-4 times per week (minimum of 2 hours each time), and cheers for multiple sports (football, men’s and women’s basketball, and volleyball). She has maintained excellent grades throughout her college career and has applied to several college Physical Therapy programs.

Lynsey dreamed big and is flying high as a Clemson Tiger cheerleader. Performing in front of a home crowd of 80,000 plus fans and national television audiences are proud memories for her to share for generations. These are memories built on heart, hard work and determination. “