Multiple Teams · Did you know there are video highlights on our website?

There are video clips from fans on our website, and they are now much easier to find. Click here to go to the homepage

On the homepage you will see a link to the Photo Galleries and right beside of that, you will find the Video Highlights link. See below!

Under the video highlight currently playing, you will see a tab “View all Videos”. Most of the highlights are from football. We would love to see more from other sports added throughout each season, especially with the pandemic since the number of fans might be limited.

How do you upload video clips? Follow the steps below during a game:

1. Download the free Rapid Replay app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
2. Attend sporting events and capture highlights using the Rapid Replay app.
3. Have fun with the app! Watch your favorite highlights and share via text or social media right from the app!

Using Rapid Replay is a way to help earn money for the Pirates. The more supporters, the more money we will raise for our school. Download now and start filming!

Thank you for your support!

Go Pirates!